are you a student looking for a marketing role?

Do you have a true passion for any of the following: social media, copywriting, branding or just writing ads to sell old crap online? Are you looking to work on world-changing products from concept to launch? Are you looking to work around your studies and in a relaxed, comfortable environment? If so, this role's for you!

We’re looking for students with a love for marketing to join a new start-up from 3 SIDED CUBE called “Cube Academy”. Cube Academy is a talent incubator, yes - you can quickly google “talent incubator”. So what we do is take the best up and coming talent, give them the perfect amount of support and mentoring, and let them work on real projects. Real projects, not just perfecting the art of being a tea b*tch.

what you'll be doing

We’re looking for students from colleges, sixth-forms and universities. Ideally, we’d want you to be free for eight hours a week, but the more the better, right?

We want you to help us build mobile apps that the world will go crazy for. This means you’ll already be highly skilled, but looking for that extra experience to set you apart. Or maybe your mum and dad are pressuring you into getting a job, might as well get a good one, right?

We want someone with a great understanding of all areas of marketing. You’ll be hands-on creating copy, testing out the user need for our products, and using digital advertising to market Cube Academy. We’re looking for the best talent - this means you must have done something other than just a marketing course and mandatory internship, which you’ve left active on your LinkedIn. Have you built your own brand, marketed a product or event, or even have your own social media claim to fame? We looking for that something extra that sets you apart!

what others have done

While at uni, Lauren put together the full copy and messaging for the 3 SIDED CUBE website. She was also key in developing their social channels and was the marketing force behind 3 SIDED CUBE's first product 'Christmas Wrapped'. Lauren led the campaign which saw the agency reach out to hundreds of journalists in a unique way. She got them featured in the Sunday Times and in T3 magazine, and even arranged a conversation with Sky News.

why cube academy?

Cube Academy is a talent incubator where we look to develop talented individuals into finished masterpieces. Our absolute focus is on building amazing products that people actually use. Within Cube Academy you get to work on products from concept to prototypes to user testing to launch, with continuous mentoring throughout. Sounds great right? We pay too...

what to expect

Flexibility – Your studies take priority, that’s why we work your hours around your timetable. We understand that when you have deadlines and exams you won’t have as much free time.

Mentoring – Most people that go through this programme have amazing skills that just need honing and guiding to take them to the next level.

Confidence – This is a big thing! We will help build your confidence and belief not just in yourself but your opinions and your ideas too. Cube Academy will help you build a stronger voice with the conviction to push your ideas out to the world.

Team – If you’re extremely talented you’ll find that you often work on your own because it’s difficult to find people who are at your level. Cube Academy is about being surrounded by extremely talented individuals that you can work with, bounce ideas off and grow with.

Office - Relaxed, flexible and comfortable. Our office was designed with you in mind. Whether you’re playing pool or on the arcade machines, it’s always a great time.

Build – The main reason for this is to build amazing products that people actually use.

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