who we are

Cube Academy is about working with the most talented individuals, building real-world products that make a difference. We're a team of designers, developers and marketers who work together to build amazing stuff during our free time, whilst still studiying at university, college or sixth-form.

We're all about giving you opportunities to test your ideas and work in a fun and creative environment where you're not held back by your age or industry experience.

Imagine a Yoda-Luke Skywalker
kind of relationship. No guarantee
of mastering the force though!

how it works

stage 1

In Stage 1, you’ll get to work on a number of Cube Academy projects as a designer, marketer or developer. You may be involved with web development, graphic design or planning a marketing campaign to promote the Cube Academy brand.

stage 2

In Stage 2, we’ll introduce you to our sister company Chelsea Apps where you’ll be helping us grow the agency - whether that’s working with the team to market our products, or helping the design team build out product ideas. Developers, you’ll be working with the existing team and contributing to product development.

stage 3

In Stage 3, you’ll be able to work on real-world products for Cube Academy, 3 SIDED CUBE or Chelsea Apps from start to finish. Depending on your skills, you may be deploying marketing strategies, designing ideas from concept to prototype, or building out systems and applications from nothing to launch.

stage 4

After Stage 3, you'll have become a real asset to the team - we simply couldn't do it without you! You'll be free to work when you want, from wherever you want. You'll be integrated even more so into 3 SIDED CUBE and Chelsea Apps.

frequently asked questions

+ What is Cube Academy?

Created by 3 SIDED CUBE, Cube Academy is a start-up focused on developing real-world digital products that make a difference. We take young talent that have a burning desire to perfect their craft, give them the projects and guidance they need to do so and let them loose to wreak havoc.

+ Who is it for?

Cube Academy is for anyone still in college, sixth-form or university who’s still perfecting their craft whilst going the extra mile. We want people who stand out, not just someone who’s studied an obligatory unit. Got that something extra? This is for you!

+ What’s in it for me?

Flexibility – Your studies come first, so we work your hours around them. We understand that when you have big deadlines you’ll be available fewer hours but when you are not studying we can expect to see you some more.

Mentoring – Most people that go through this programme have amazing skills that just need honing and guiding to take them to the next level.

Confidence – This is a big thing! We will help build your confidence and belief in yourself, your opinions and your ideas. We’ll help you to have a stronger voice and the conviction to push your ideas through.

Team – If you’re extremely talented you’ll find that you often work on your own because it’s difficult to find people who are at your level. Cube Academy is about being surrounded by talented individuals that you can work with, bounce off and trust.

Build – The main reason we do this is to build amazing products that people actually use.

+ What will I do?

You’ll be working with the other members of Cube Academy to build, design or market projects that have real world impact. Think Lego - using your skillset you’ll pick apart projects and put them back together again, just better. Or in most cases, you’ll build stuff completely from scratch!

+ How much free time do I need?

This is a part-time role and ideally you’d have more than 8 hours available per week. Your studies come first, so we work your hours around them. As with many things, the more the better!

+ Where will I work?

You need to be based within travelling distance of the Bournemouth area, as for the first few months you'll be based at our comfortable office. However, remote working will be on the cards once everyone becomes familiar with each other and their work. Don’t worry though, our office was voted really cool by a completely biased panel.

+ Will I get paid?

Don’t worry, we got you, it’s paid. You’ll receive an hourly wage based on skills.

+ Will I get any help?

Yes! You will be mentored by members of the 3 SIDED CUBE team. What we will do is help you develop the skills which you may not feel comfortable with or any areas where you feel you’re lacking - helping build your confidence and self-belief.

+ How can I apply?

Submit your application here and we’ll be in touch!